Half the Work and Twice the Size

Jason Moss saw a void ... and worked tirelessly to fill it

Jason has a career filled with working in around the engineering and manufacturing sector in Georgia. Through the years, he had a suspicion that there was something missing – and speaking with his industry peers, those suspicions were confirmed … the workers in the state needed a venue to learn from and share with each other. That suspicion became a passion and a driving force to create that very space.

Instead of remaining idle, Jason took it upon himself to create what is now known as the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance. Eschewing tradition, Jason formed GMA as a for­ profit organization, even though it walks, talks, and acts like a traditional association. As this new group began, it realized growth year over year, all due to the tireless work of Jason and his growing team.

Achieving Work-Life Balance

By his own admission, staff time became the very obvious limiting factor on GMA’a growth. The passion that led to the creation of GMA had translated into working 100-hour weeks. Struggling to balance raising a family with the growth of the organization, Jason knew he had to find something better. It was time to subscribe to the old adage, ‘work smarter, not harder.’ There was still a need to grow GMA, but there was literally no capacity to pour into the effort. There were no more hours that could do anything to grow this passion into the vision he had for it. Growth was impossible – at least, it was impossible with the existing infrastructure.

Enter Novi AMS. By automating so many of the manual tasks that plagued the staff before; by allowing integrations from one system to the next; by working smarter – Jason and his team were able to leverage Novi AMS to serve as that force multiplier. GMA hosts over 80 events and training sessions each year. Managing each event and each registration used to be a heavily manual process. Novi’s events module, coupled with the QuickBooks Online sync, removed the need for manual, staff-driven work, replaced by the

In the first 18 months since switching to Novi, GMA has doubled in size, and Jason is no longer working 16 hours per day.

“We are now planning to increase the size of GMA by a factor of 10 in the next five years. We never would have dreamed of goals like that before we came to Novi.” – Jason Moss