Association Management Software with #NoWorkarounds

In addition to our robust connection to QuickBooks Online, novi AMS® has all of the features you would expect in a full service association management software system.

Membership Management

novi-ams-association-management-softwarenovi AMS® is designed from the ground up to accommodate and embrace the many different relationships that trade associations and hybrid associations have with its members. The system gets the details of database structure right by:

  • fundamentally differentiating companies from people.
  • tracking the dues paying member along with all of the people or companies that derive membership benefits because of their relationship with the member.
  • Allowing custom fields to be shown to select member types.


To better reflect the business practices of the non-profit association world, novi AMS® has enhanced the native functionality found in QuickBooks Online. In addition to managing the standard use cases that associations have come to expect in an AMS, the software adds intuitive features designed to improve the quality of life for association staff, especially those in the bookkeeping role by:

  • allowing staff to quickly distinguish between, sort by, and email specific invoice types (dues/events/ecommerce).
  • identifying unpaid dues invoices, dropping non-renewing members, and crediting the proper accounts, all with a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Inviting members to pay multiple invoices with one credit card transaction via QuickBooks Payments.

Other accounting functionality includes sales tax calculations, discount codes, the ability to smartly email invoices to multiple email addresses, and much more.

Member Compass™

member-compassMember engagement is the lifeblood of most associations. To help empower members to get the most out of their memberships, the novi AMS® team created the Member Compass™. Accessible via a standard login or sign-in with Google or Facebook, this simple, yet powerful interface allows members to:

  • view account history and pay invoices.
  • confirm event registrations and see past attendance.
  • edit their profile and update contact information.
  • manage the individual profiles of their company’s staff.

Dues Manager

Embracing the notoriously complicated dues rules of trade and hybrid associations, the software has been developed and tested to handle the most complicated of dues rules to ensure they are calculated correctly and easily. Proration over multiple years, sliding scale dues, and parent/child dues combinations are all supported.


Events and eCommerce products may be restricted to certain groups of individuals. Additionally, website content including Bylaws, Position Papers, Policy Manuals, Employee Handbooks, Board Orientation Material, or VIP member content can easily be locked down and made available to select groups only.

Marketing & Communication Emails

Third party email providers such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Informz have been serving associations well for years. Instead of recreating the wheel, novi AMS® provides rich, real-time integration through their APIs. The software is already integrated with MailChimp and Constant Contact with plans to integrate with Informz in the near future.

A Branded, White Labeled Website

novi-ams-association-management-softwareAn association’s website is its front door, its reference library, its photo album, its historical record, and its members’ compass for staying engaged. To many, it is the very embodiment of the association in between meetings and events. novi AMS® websites tell the organization’s story, clearly define its mission, and provide members with easy access to information. They are fully responsive, embracing mobile and tablet devices. Wherever practical, a website’s content is dynamically created by event and member information directly from association’s database. This automation keeps an association’s website fresh and its members engaged.


The novi AMS team understands that a significant portion of an association’s revenue can come from ancillary products and services. Complete with a storefront embedded into your site, the eCommerce platform covers one-time purchases and subscriptions. With flexibility in mind, associations can charge non-members a separate price or prohibit them from purchasing a product altogether. Additionally, associations that wish to encourage donations to their PAC or to charity are able to automatically add a donation request to dues invoices for particular member types or to an event registration process.

Events Manager

Many associations are defined by the events that they hold. novi AMS® provides associations with an amazingly powerful, yet incredibly simple events calendar and registration engine. The system automates everything from large annual meetings with complex ticket structures to small committee meetings that simply need to be placed on the calendar. Allowing event staff to keep track of key metrics, novi AMS® monitors an event’s budgeted revenue, attendance goal, and remaining capacity.

Member Directory

Member directories don’t have to feel clunky. novi AMS® has designed a modern directory that members will embrace and want to use. During the onboarding process, the association will be able to identify which groups of members and what types of data should be available to the general public or only to other members.

Familiar User Interface

novi-ams-association-membership-management-list-viewTo ensure that association staff members of all technology backgrounds can learn and embrace the system, novi AMS® secured a license to use Intuit’s proprietary design specifications for all of our association-facing pages. The same blueprint Intuit used to create QuickBooks Online, this interface has been tested by literally millions of users and has been found to be simple, easy to use, and helpful in guiding users through common tasks.

Data Import & Export

Importing data into any association management system is always one of the most sensitive and challenging portions of a transition. The novi AMS® client service and technical teams will work hand in hand with association staff to ensure that the process is as painless as possible. Our team will lead the data mapping and data import process to remove stress and preserve the integrity of an association’s data.


During the onboarding process, the novi AMS® development team will create up to 15 custom report templates to fit the association’s business practices. This service will be complementary and in addition to the standard reporting and customizing that novi AMS® provides.