10 Coolest Things about novi AMS

Why novi AMS? There are scores of AMS products out there … why this one? What makes novi different or special?

We were designed by YOU – association professionals.  Association Executives and their staffs from across the country have collaborated (and continue to do so) on the how, why, what, when, where, who in an AMS.

Tell me, would the following features create efficiency in your office?

1. QuickBooks Online interface

novi was built using the Intuit QuickBooks Online backbone. Because of our industry-leading, two-way sync with QuickBooks, manual data entry has been all but eliminated from the monthly process. Month-end reconciliation is little more than an afterthought; our customers are reporting 10-20 hours of time saved each week!

2. Member list view

Nothing fancy … it’s just simple and it makes sense. Want to see all your ‘Corporate” members? Click on the huge button that says ‘Corporate.’ The default view of members shows member name, type, address, phone number, email address, current open balances (if applicable.) With filtering, search functions, and batch actions, you’re just a click or two away from tons of information about your members.

3. Front-end website editing

If you can type, you can edit the website. There is no reason to learn how to write HTML code or know any web developer tricks. Four steps to updating your website:
1. Click on the text you need to edit.
2. Type the new text.
3. Click save.
4. High-five the person next to you because it was so easy!

4. QuickBooks Online interface

Ok, so I know this has been mentioned already, but not from the members’ standpoint! The Member Compass™ gives logged-in-members immediate access to every event they have registered for, any open invoices they need to pay, receipts for past transactions, and much more. This saves association staff innumerable phone calls and emails from members who can’t remember whether they have registered/ paid/ renewed.

5. Groups/ Member Segmentation

Every system can segment members based on member type. But what about a deeper understanding of your members and a powerful system that allows you to create custom content, reporting, and registration options? If you need a list of lactose-intolerant members who live in 90210 and were born in 1976, we can create that level of segmentation.

6. Events

The lifeblood of a successful association is a lucrative event. novi built an events module that allows for great flexibility when creating a wide variety of ticketing and reporting. Add products (like sponsorships, raffle tickets, mulligans, etc.) to an event; give your Board a discount promo code that expires next Tuesday; create reminder links encouraging people to reserve their hotel room … We have a host of features that were created so that you have a very successful event.

7. Custom fields

A lot of the power in this system is derived from the Groups and Reporting modules. But Custom Fields are the hidden gems that drive so much of the system. The fields are ‘smart’ in that you choose whether the members’ input will be text, date, numbers, checkbox, a set of options, or a member record field. If you want to know it, we can ask it.

8. “But AMSs don’t understand trade associations!”

One of the most consistent pain points we have heard from associations is that of the membership structure. Many systems can struggle with understanding when a company joins an association, but individuals are the ones who register and attend. novi was created with that understanding. We can accept all sorts of arrangements that include parents, children, grandchildren, cousins, sisters, and even that crazy uncle who shows up from time to time.

9. Custom reports

Using rules, groups of rules, ‘and/or’ functionality, and choosing from over 400 fields (including custom fields), the only limitation on creating Custom Reports is your own creativity. We’ll help you set them up!

10. #NoWorkarounds
…it just works

We didn’t set out to create a product and then put band-aids on it whenever there were issues. We will never offer you a workaround solution – we’ll help you find a solution for your problems.