“Tech challenged” member discovers editing his member directory profile is “too easy”

When Meg Palumbo told one of her members that his member  directory listing had been upgraded and that he could log in to update his profile, he responded by saying he was “technologically challenged” and wanted to meet in person.

As Communications Manager for the Triangle Apartment Association in Raleigh, North Carolina, Meg Palumbo is passionate about empowering her members to get the most out of their TAA memberships.

In Meg’s Own Words

I met with our member today. He sat down, setup his laptop and reiterated that it would take a minute to teach him. He shared that he found computers to be very confusing and didn’t “get website stuff,” so I would need to take my time with him.

Our member even joked that his computer battery only had an hour left, and he hoped it was enough time. I promised him it would be easy and he laughed it off saying I hadn’t tried to teach him yet.

Well, twenty minutes later, after a full review of his Member Compass (where he has Management Access), he said “So where’s the catch? That was too easy.”

Our member left our office feeling confident he could update the company’s profile as frequently as he needs. And that’s what this profession is all about – empowering our members to succeed.