Technical Requirements Page

novi AMS is 100% cloud based software.  We take care of the hosting and updates, so you just have to log in & get to work.

Association Technical Requirements:

Our technical requirements aren’t that “technical.”  Do you have a computer with a connection to the Internet?  If so, you’re just about there.

Here are the actual specs:
  • A computer with an Internet connection.  A high-speed Internet connection will make your work much faster.  However, association staff members have reported success using their mobile hot spots.  We even had an AE message us from an airplane to say that his access to novi was “surprising fast.”
  • A supported Internet browser.  For lots of reasons (including security and quality of life), we recommend that you keep your browser up to date. We highly recommend Chrome since the software takes care of the updates for you.  Others we support include Firefox 41 & newer, Safari, or IE 11 and newer. We highly suggest that you not use IE 10, but it is supported if users update their security settings to enable TLS 1.1 or TLS 1.2.
  • Active QuickBooks Online “Plus” subscription, connected to novi AMS®
  • Active QuickBooks Payments account, connected to novi AMS®
  • Website domain name
  • MailChimp™ Subscription (optional)

* Note: Not all admin features will be available on mobile phones and tablets

Website Visitor Technical Requirements:

  • A computer or phone with an Internet connection
  • A supported Internet browser, including Chrome, Firefox 41 & newer, Safari, or IE 11 and newer.