How the Wisonsin Cheesemaker Association Cut Back to 40-hour work weeks.

Judy Keller from the Wisconsin Cheesemakers Association sat down with our CEO, Pete Zimek, to tell us about what they were looking for in a new AMS, how they found Novi and what their worklife has been life since making the switch a year ago.

Audio Transcription

Judy: We are the Wisconsin Cheesmakers Association. We have about 600 supplier member companies and about 110 dairy plant companies.

We do a lot of different events. We have a cheese contest that happens each year. One year it's a world championship cheese contest and one year its a United States cheese contest. We do lobbying and a lot of trianing for our members. We also do a large annual trade show and a large golf outing each summer which tends to sell out very quickly. We have four courses with eight golfers on each hole, so total number of golfer is 576 that we can have.

Networking, training, --we recently started offering training for our members.

We researched, you name an AMS, and we looked it it. You say it does this, but please show me how, becasue I don't believe it will.

We are a trade associaiton that is driven by companies --organizations, so that was tricky to find a solution that would allow so if my company pays a membership fee, then all of their employees also receive the members benefits. That was the thing that was hard to find. And then we found Novi...

Pete: How did you find Novi?

Judy: Serendipity!