Building a Best-in-Class Digital Ecosystem

Deep Dives,

Building a Best-in-Class
Digital Ecosystem

No matter how hard an AMS tries, it can’t be all things to all people. That’s ok. With the explosion of cloud technology, there have never been more options for organizations to enhance the various parts of their operations with task-specific software. The ASAE tech community calls this the “best in class” approach - finding the software that best meets your specific needs and then integrating it in a seamless way with your AMS.

Pete Zimek, Founder & CEO of Novi AMS, joined Greg Pollack, VP of Sales for Association Analytics for a discussion on how to build a digital ecosystem around your AMS using the hub and spoke model. In addition to answering the why and the what, they helped simplify the how. 

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Pete also had the opportunity to present this topic to the attendees at ESSAE's annual conference earlier this year for an interactive session exploring the digital ecosystem that can live on top of your existing association management software. The slides for ESSAE's presentation are below.