Membership Management Software for Associations

Designed by associations to work the way you work.

Automation from Registration to Renewal

When a member signs up online, Novi instantly goes to work.

  • Added to the database
  • Added to QuickBooks
  • Dues calculated
  • Credit card processed or invoice created
  • Membership approval
  • Email added to appropriate email lists
  • Member profile added to the directory
  • Email confirmation sent
  • Accurate Records. Staff Time Saved.

Customizable Dues & Renewals

We’ve never met a dues rule that we haven’t been able to accommodate. If you think your dues are too challenging, we’d love to hear from you.

Flexible Member Types

Whether your organization is company-based, individual, or a hybrid of the two, Novi’s flexible member types will help you track who is entitled to membership.

"Novi gives me everything I need in one place. I can run my association from anywhere."

Kelly McLendon, Georgia Pest Control Association

Next Level Member Engagement

“Get involved.” The first two words every membership director tells a new member.

Activity Timeline

Member records come with a full history of membership changes, job changes, event registrations, and Ecommerce purchases.

Track your staff’s one-on-one interactions, including calls, tasks, and important notes.

Task Center

Ditch the spreadsheets, emails, and sticky notes. Manage your team's member-related tasks from your member database.

Explore the Task Center


Facilitate member connections through an unlimited number of customizable directories.

Highlight people or organizations, and lock contact information down to the proper audience.

Drive non-dues revenue by showcasing sponsors with featured directory listings or selling targeted ad space.

Membership Engagement Report

Know which members are engaged... and the ones that are just writing a dues check.

Make strategic decisions based on facts, not assumptions.

"Novi is data made easy. It creates a centralized location for data, rather than jumping around between various files."

Rachel James, The Transformer Association

Upgraded Member Experience

Remove friction for your members and allow them to manage their accounts 24/7, without the need to call staff.

"Novi has made things a lot easier for our members, and now our processes are a lot simpler."

Dan Pauley, Triangle Apartment Association

Tools for Keeping Your Data Clean

Clean data is the starting point for making solid, data-driven decisions for your association.

Duplicate Detection

Built for perfectionists, Novi's duplicate prevention and duplicate detection technologies work 24/7 to keep your data clean, organized, and duplicate-free.

Guided Data Merge

When duplicate records do sneak in, our guided merge makes removing duplicates almost fun.


Every Novi subscription comes with our award-winning data cleanup tool.

Quickly clean address fields, identify duplicate records, or fix partial email addresses and phone numbers.