Together, We Amplify Change

"The Novi community is like a family - full of people who care about your success and are ready to help when you have a question."

Dominica Hurst, AAGO

Better Together

Sometimes, our customers just want a place to talk, share ideas, and collaborate. They use Novi daily and we’ve discovered that their expertise is indispensable when it comes to our collective success. We simply open the door so they can swap ideas and drop knowledge and still provide support when they need it.


Meet your peers in a virtual workspace. Collaborative by design, roundtables are an opportunity to connect and learn with other Novi AMS customers on a different topic each month.

“The round tables were the best. It was a great opportunity to learn from each other and Novi.”

Anonymous, Novi Summit Attendee

Feature Task Force

We are always working to improve Novi and constantly collect feedback from our customers. From time to time, we need to assemble a small task force to tackle a particularly complex or challenging feature. After meeting, we can get to work on designing and coding out new features that we will bring to the collective Novi table.

Novi Summit

Join your peers at our annual users' conference for two days of idea sharing, problem solving, and fun!