Clear & Effective Communication

Reach the right members at the right time.

"Novi AMS allowed me to increase my capacity for communication and position our organization as a leader in our industry."

Kelle Senye, AANM

Communicate Where It Counts

Place your messaging in front of your members to radically improve member engagement.

Best in Class Email Marketing

From drip marketing campaigns to targeted event emails, our native syncs to MailChimp and Constant Contact allow you to communicate with the right people at the right time.

Member Compass

Display important announcements, alerts, or reminders upon login.

Member-Only Pages

Protect privileged information to members only or to specific groups like your board of directors.

Website Alerts

Quickly communicate major news like office closures or emergency legislative action using a site-wide alert or a pop-up that requires acknowledgment.

"The integration with MailChimp makes creating & sending emails easy."

Kelly Veit, ACEC-WI

Member Segmentation

Not everyone needs the same message.

Fast and Simple

Send specific content or grant special access with just a few clicks.

Automatic Updates

Let Novi manage groups of members based on rules and conditions that you create.

Event Attendees

Reach people who have registered for an event... or target messages to those that have not.