Association Management Software with an Open API


Accurate membership data is critical for any association - after all, your members are the lifeblood of your association, and your data is how you keep your members involved. Novi AMS provides centralized management for that data, and is designed to be the source of truth for all things membership related. If you have other online services or databases, you'd love for that up-to-date membership data to be available in those systems just like it is in Novi AMS. You may also want the activities and data from those other systems to write back into your Novi AMS database. This is exactly what the Novi AMS APIs enable your technical teams to accomplish.

The Novi AMS APIs enable two-way custom integrations to be built that allow third-party systems to read/write/update your membership, activity timeline, event data, and ecommerce data. This includes access to things like membership dates, event registration information, & even includes your association's specialized custom field data. This data can then be leveraged in all kinds of different ways to empower your members.

Here are just a few examples & ideas:

  • Conference and Abstract Management Software Integration

    Drive engagement to your association & conferences by allowing members to submit their proposals only if their membership is current.

  • Event Management & Trade Show Management Software Integration

    Allow your suppliers who have purchased a trade show booth to provide details and choose a booth automatically based on a completed booth & ticket purchase.

  • Membership Data Export to Other Organizations

    Local associations that are part of larger state or national associations can automatically share membership lists, no more manual reporting! (We even have this feature built-in if your state or national affiliate is a Novi AMS client.)

Third-Party Integrations

Novi AMS has many pre-built integrations with best-in-class providers, enabling secure sharing of your membership data out of the box. These integrations can provide features such as seamless login experiences for your member using their Novi AMS username/password, & automatic updates to keep the third-party provider up to date with your latest membership data.

These integrations provide a powerful solution for our exisiting integration partners, but what happens if you have another online experience you want to share with your members? The technical platforms that power these integrations behind the scenes are also available for your association & partners to build on.

We integrate with best-in-class solutions.

The end result is a platform with the simplicity of an all-in-one solution and
the power of using the very best solution for the task at hand.

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Novi Single Sign-On

As part of your Novi AMS solution, all your members are provided with login information to be able to access secure portions of your website. This includes the ability for members to see their membership status as well as update their profile information. If you have other online services you want your members to access, your members could have multiple usernames & passwords just to interact with your organization. This can get messy fast and discourage members from remaining engaged.

The Novi single sign-on platform solves this problem by allowing your members to use their Novi AMS username & password to securely login to your full suite of online services. Once your member logs in, Novi AMS will let the third-party system know who the user is, including their name and the ability to query our Novi members API for more information about the user (like membership status, event registration status, and more!).

Here are just a few examples of how you can empower your members using single sign-on with Novi AMS:

  • Association Job Board

    Enable your members to share open positions in your industry and apply for jobs, all using their familiar association username & password.

  • Learning Management System (LMS)

    Learning Management System (LMS) - Empower your members to grow their skills & career while logging in through your association's branded login page.

  • Association Advocacy

    Enable your members to quickly engage in your advocacy platforms because the platform already knows who they are.