Customer Experience Specialist

Novi AMS is a fundamentally different approach to non-profit Association Management Software (AMS). Our engineering and experience teams work side-by-side with our customers to continue to develop the only AMS created for associations, by associations.

At Novi, we are a diverse team of dedicated, inspired, energetic and FUN thought leaders who love to celebrate wins. We function with a high level of transparency and trust and come together daily to innovate and create impact - We like to call it amplifying change.

What Drives Us

Building community and fostering collaboration is one of our guiding principles. Our primary mission is to help associations by providing them with tools to amplify the change they make within their own industries. We have a relentless drive to improve the lives and experiences of the customers we serve.

"What truly excites me about working at Novi are the connections we build, not just within our team, but also with our customers. There's no greater feeling than hearing feedback that we have made a positive impact on people's lives.”

Lane Gibbs, Director of Customer Experience

Where We’re Going

Every day, our team rises with excitement and the mission to help our customers continue to solve problems. We’re proving that with the right people and the right tools, we can continue to make an impact not just for associations, but for the world.

No Barriers – Remote Work

Our company culture is important to us and we want to work with the best talent in the world to support our vision, regardless of location. We can’t let geographic barriers prevent us from great things when we’re on a mission to make a positive impact on society!

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General Position Description

Assist in Customer Experience activities such as:
  • Onboarding new customers onto our platform from their previous AMS or CRM
  • Use analytical methods to address customer support questions through Intercom, our Conversational Relationship Platform. (CRP)
  • Contributing to the development and updating of customer help articles, feature updates, and videos.
  • Supporting customers in strategizing website content and structure, as well as content migration.
  • Conducting quality assurance (QA) for new features and bug fixes.

A Successful Candidate...
  • Has previous experience using Novi AMS (required)
  • Is highly motivated and based in the United States, available for full-time remote work during Mountain or Pacific time zone business hours.
  • Thrives on tackling challenges in data, software features, and customer requests.
  • Comfortably handles technical issues and curious about various aspects, even if not at a developer or designer level.
  • Excels in providing exceptional customer support, setting clear project boundaries for timely completion, and prioritizes building lasting customer relationships.
  • Demonstrates proficiency in both proactive and reactive customer support, ensuring that customer needs are not only met but anticipated and addressed promptly.
  • Has a basic understanding of marketing best practices, design, and creating engaging web content.
  • Brings project management experience, a considerable advantage.
  • Previous association experience and a CAE certification are highly valued.
  • Holds a bachelor's degree: with a focus on being able to explain why you are passionate about it more than the field of study.

More Details

The starting salary for this position is $65,000, with potential adjustments based on your experience. We also offer a highly competitive benefits package as part of our comprehensive compensation package that includes fully paid family health, dental, and vision insurance as well as a 401k match.

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