Often the most visible work of an associations, events can also be the most costly in terms of staff time and attention. To lessen the administrative burden on staff, novi provides associations with an amazingly powerful, yet incredibly simple events calendar and registration engine.

Event Management System

Events can be created with a few clicks or customized in over 50 ways. Novi helps to automate everything from large annual meetings with complex ticket structures to small committee meetings that simply need to be placed on the calendar.

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Master registration list for stress-free event sign-in

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Simple content editing on front and backend

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Bring in revenue with Product Add-Ons

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Send marketing emails to attendees
and non-registered members

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Set your timeline and capacity

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“Amen to the UI thing. I just had a member tell me how easy it is to register for dinner meetings now when before it was such an ordeal that they would just send a list of names to Maggie and beg to be registered…BOOM – staff time saved”

— Russ Webb, Atlanta Apartment Association

Implement a solution that “Just Works”.


Tickets are easy to setup, yet versatile to accommodate complex events.

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Assign member & non-member pricing, solicit suggested donations, price by the table or golf-foursome, or simply ask for a free RSVP.

Limit visibility to certain groups, or sell to the public at large. Customize registration forms by ticket type and automatically send a confirmation message based on the ticket type(s) purchased.

Event Budget to Actuals Tracking

Bring actionable data to your event management by letting novi monitor your progress against revenue and attendance goals.


Event Budget to Actuals


Compare Event Registration

Stop relying on tribal knowledge and guesswork when evaluating an event’s registration progress. Compare any two events against each other to evaluate the pace of registration.

Imagine walking into a board meeting armed with data that shows you’re “14% ahead of registrations at this point last year.” Conversely, knowing that you’re 14% behind twenty days out from an event could be pretty motivating to a staff eager to beat last year’s numbers.


Event Comparison Report



CEU tracking

Continuing Education LearningDitch the spreadsheets and let novi track your members’ continuing education credits.

Assign CEUs to an event ticket, and novi will take it from there.

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