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Built for Trade Associations by Trade Associations

Novi AMS was built for trade & hybrid associations, embracing the operational nuances inherent within them. Since our founding, association executives have worked side-by-side with our development team to ensure that our engineers and designers delivered association management software that "just works."

Parent/Child Relationships that fit your association

In addition to tracking the parent/child relationships themselves, the system can also be set up to automatically flow member benefits to other family members like staff or parent organizations.

Duplicate Detection

If you are a perfectionist when it comes to your member data, you'll love Novi's duplicate prevention and duplicate detection technologies. Built into the software, they work 24/7 to keep your data clean, organized, and duplicate-free.

Guided Data Merge

When duplicate records do sneak in, our guided merge makes removing duplicates fun (well, almost fun).

We put YOU in control of your data. You can choose each piece of data to use on a record in as simple as a few clicks. In the end, you'll have clean, accurate data that ensures each record has a role.

We were a world class organization using a third world system to manage our data.

Russ Webb | Association Executive at GAA

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