Our Approach

Putting Association Professionals in the Drivers Seat

novi AMS® is a fundamentally different approach to association management software. Born out of the collaboration between association executives and a software development team with extensive experience serving as volunteer leaders within associations, the project has had one goal since the start – build an association management system that “just works.”

The novi AMS team

Solving Problems with Association Collaboration

Call us crazy, but we believe that association professionals know more about the inner workings of associations than software developers do. We assembled a team of AE’s that are committed to contributing ideas, finding solutions to problems and working side-by-side with our developers to build simpler, smarter, groundbreaking association management software.

Solving Problems with #NoWorkarounds

Associations spend too much time creating workarounds for their workarounds. Instead of asking how it’s been done in the past, novi AMS® answers how it should be done now and in the future.