Novi AMS Referral Program

Has Novi AMS helped amplify the change that your association makes in your industry?

Refer Novi AMS

Earn $500 for your organization
(or non-profit of your choice)


Give a $500 credit
to the organization you are referring

Are you a raving fan?

Has the impact Novi made on your organization inspired you to spread the word? Are there peers in your industry that would benefit from Novi’s streamlined approach?

Customer service is our marketing plan, and there is no greater yardstick for the service we provide than when customers refer our software.

Our referral program serves as a token of appreciation to our customers who help us accomplish our mission to amplify the change associations create in their industries.

Program Rules

Your Organization

To qualify for the $500 gift; (1) your organization must be a current Novi AMS customer, (2) a representative must compete the referral form on this webpage, and (3) the referred organization must sign up and complete payment within 6 months of the referral. The $500 gift to the current Novi customer will be paid as soon as the referred organization has paid for their initial year’s service. Donations may be made to your organization’s foundation, research fund, or general fund. Alternatively, payments may be made to any 501(c)3 charity you choose to support.

Referred Organization

Your referred organization will have the option to apply a $500 credit towards their onboarding fees or first year’s serivce. Alternatively, they may select to contribute $500 to the 501(c)3 charitable organization of their choice.

No Political Donations

Under no circumstances will donations be made to political action committees or similar legislative funds.

New Organizations Only

The spirit of this program is for our association partners to be rewarded for sharing the Novi AMS story to organizations that haven't heard it before. Therefore, existing customers and those already in contact with our team at not eligible for this program.