Robust Reporting

Actionable Data in the Right Places

Whether it’s a membership snapshot or an event’s progress report, the novi team believes that association staff shouldn’t have to dig for the data.

Member List View

Implement a solution that “Just Works”.


Powerful Reports for Power Users

One-click Report iconFor our power users, feel free to slice and customize the data you need. Query and display data from 476 novi fields plus all of your custom fields.

Format by conditions, display, grouping info, sum, and the list goes on.

Gain greater financial clarity

Quickbooks LogoQuickBooks provides its users with nearly 100 financial reports, all of which can be customized by a number of different dimensions. Novi’s deep integration with QuickBooks will make sure that all of your data – down to the item and class – will be available in those reports.

Explore the novi AMS® advantage