Professional Services

Simple. Transparent. No surprises.

Novi believes in transparent, easy-to-understand pricing. This is why our pricing is clearly listed, simple and straightforward. For many of our customers, access to the Novi AMS platform is all they will ever need.

We also know that some of our customers have need for additional services or support from time-to-time. Maybe a new staff member needs additional training. Or perhaps you have some custom development work needed on your site. Maybe your Board of Directors just approved a new logo and you need to refresh your site's look.

We're available to help - simply contact us to get started. And don't worry, we'll never charge anything unless it's been agreed upon in writing. No surprises!


Want an extra set of eyes on your dues rules or event tickets? Perhaps you’d like some help creating custom reports? We’d love to work side-by-side with you to help tackle challenging projects.


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Remote One-on-One Training

Need a refresher or want to bring a new member up to speed more quickly? Schedule a customized, one-on-one remote training session with our team.


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In-Person One-on-One Training

Would you like someone from the Novi team to join you in your office?

1 Day $1,875
1.5 Days $2,250
2 Days $2,625
2.5 Days $3,000

(Plus expenses)

Digital Content

Don’t have the time to post digital content yourself? Lean on our experts to add content to your website.


Custom Design & Website Styling

Work directly with a Novi designer to make updates and customize the design of your website.


Custom Updates

Have a special use case?  Novi may agree to build Custom Updates to the Novi platform that we feel fit our product road map.

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QuickBooks Consulting

Join a QuickBooks Advanced Certified Pro-Advisor for QuickBooks Online technical consulting.


IT Services

We recommend that associations have a trained IT resource on staff or on contract. Should an Association not have such a resource available, our engineers may be able to help.


Wildcard SSL

Basic SSL certificates are provided at no additional charge. Wildcard SSL certificates may be provisioned for a fee.

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A Note About Agile

For larger projects, the Novi team follows an agile process.  Agile is built, in part, around an assumption that your priorities can change as the project evolves and stakeholder feedback is collected.

These changes may include the you adding, removing or reprioritizing features and requests in the project backlog. This backlog is the prioritized list of user stories and tasks which you and the Novi team will maintain and reference throughout the project.

Through this agile process, the deliverables may change as the project proceeds, but the time and budget you have allotted to the project remain fixed. Best of all - you get to determine what we focus on.

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