Technical Requirements


The Basics

Novi AMS is 100% cloud-based software. We take care of the hosting and updates, so you just have to log in & get to work.

Our technical requirements aren't that "technical." Do you have a computer with a connection to the Internet? If so, you're just about there.

Internet Connection

You'll need a computer with an Internet connection. A high-speed Internet connection will make your work much faster.

Association staff members have reported success using their mobile hot spots. Someone once messaged us from an airplane just to say that his access to Novi was "surprising fast."

Internet Browser

For lots of reasons, including security and quality of life, we recommend that you keep your browser up to date.

We highly recommend Chrome since the software takes care of the updates for you.

We also support Firefox 41 & newer, Safari, or IE 11 and newer. If you must use Internet Explorer 10, you will need to update your security settings to enable TLS 1.1 or TLS 1.2.

Website Domain

You buy the domain, and our engineers will help you connect it to Novi.


If you are already setup with a QuickBooks Online "Plus" subscription, you'll be excited to learn about how easy it is to connect to Novi AMS.

Still on QuickBooks Desktop?

Converting to QuickBooks Online is easy. Your Desktop edition has an "Export to QuickBooks Online" button embedded in it. Press it, and wait an hour or so. It's a remarkably simple migration.

Not sold on QuickBooks Online?

We get it… changing your accounting system is a touchy subject. Setup a time to chat with one of Novi's QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisors. We're happy to share our insight, and we can even connect you with other associations that have have made the decision to upgrade and have gone through the migration.

Still not sold on QuickBooks Online?

The simple truth is that a robust connection between an AMS and QuickBooks is simply not possible if you're still using desktop and importing transactions with IIF files.

This isn't just our opinion.

The use of IIF files for QuickBooks is no longer officially supported. Using the QuickBooks API is a much better way to move data in and out of QuickBooks.

David Leary | Intuit Small Business Ecosystem Evangelist

Tweet by David Leary @davidleary: Importing into QuickBooks via an IIF file is about as risky as having your dog do data entry for you. #LotsOfProblems

QuickBooks Payments

Novi leverages QuickBooks Payments to eliminate workarounds and reduce headaches for association bookkeepers across the United States. Competitively priced compared to other payment processors, QuickBooks Payments automates batching and deposits.

Email Marketing (Optional Integrations)

To leverage the versatility and deliverability of their market dominating solutions, Novi AMS integrates with both MailChimp™ and Constant Contact.