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Russ Webb - BAAA

Hey there, I'm glad I got your attention.

I'm Russ Webb, Executive Director for the Bay Area Apartment Association (BAAA). If you're like me, you're always asking, "How can we run the association more efficiently?"

If you're doing a million workarounds to update a member record or perform typical daily tasks, you're not making the best use of your association's time. Your board wouldn't think so either.

One of the easist ways to stay member-focused is by ensuring your association's systems truly work the way you need them to. If your members can't easily join, register for events, or view and pay their open invoices, ask yourself: is your AMS really working for you? If the answer is no, it's time for an upgrade.

Novi AMS is that solution.

Say goodbye to manual tasks and workarounds. Novi automates the most impactful areas of association management while improving our members' experience.

At my association, the ability to create custom reports is vital. BAAA is a multifamily trade association, and knowing the number of apartment homes is an integral part of our daily operations. Novi AMS allows me to quickly and easily access member information, and custom reporting is built in to the system.

The two-way sync with QuickBooks means my accounting department saves hours of staff time, and I know I'm able to provide clear financial reporting to the Board of Directors.

- Russ, BAAA

Your board called...they said you deserve Novi.

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P.S. The Novi team has my contact info if you ever want to chat. – Russ

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