Dues Rules That Improved One Member's Experience

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Dues Rules That Improved One Member's Experience

Technology is at its best when it improves life offline. 

In Kelle’s Own Words

Mr. Lopez is a valued member of AANM. Unfortunately, our prior AMS made helping Mr. Lopez correctly take care of his dues invoices problematic. He wasn’t as technologically savvy as some other members and a language barrier and hesitance to inquire about multiple invoices resulted in errors.

He has 4 units and previously received 3 dues invoices for ahis grand total of $124 per year.

Every year he would pay one invoice – not always the cheapest, and usually the one he got first. He would then be confused by the other invoices and tended to ignore them.

Typically, several months down the road, one of his kids would help us sort it out. Mr. Lopez's dues invoices always got paid, but only through a great deal of effort from a handful of people.

Thanks to Novi AMS, I just posted a dues payment from Mr. Lopez. His 2018 dues are paid in full. In December. And nobody has to bug him about this again!

This was only possible because of Novi learning the various hierarchy scenarios for my dues and making it simple. It may seem small, but it's a big deal around here!

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Kelle Senyé is the Executive Director of the Apartment Association of New Mexico. The Apartment Association of New Mexico (AANM) is a private, non-profit trade organization dedicated to providing a common foundation for rental housing industry professionals and the various businesses that service the industry. Founded in 1979, AANM has more than 800 primary and associate members, representing over 55,000 rental units throughout the state. AANM promotes professionalism, education, career development and pro-active legislative efforts to benefit owners, investors, residents and other association members.

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